Letter to my son on his 8th birthday

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Letter to my son on his 8th birthday

It is the anniversary when your son was delivered to the world and was placed in your arms. You looked at him and imagined the games you will play as father and son or mother and son. You stared at him and saw your reflection and wished he will grow up to be a better version of you.

You have watched him grow these past years, and you are glad to be part of his life because he has brought so much joy to the family. You have always wished and prayed no harm will come to him and God has been faithful in answering your prayers. This is another opportunity to say a special prayer for him on this special day of his birth. As you write out these happy birthday prayers for your son, let them help you envisage how well your son will turn out in life. And also think of all the beautiful moments you are going to celebrate in his life.

Today marks the day you gave birth to that loving, caring and amazing son of yours, and you feel like celebrating him with powerful birthday prayers? Then, the following happy birthday prayers for my son has all it takes to make your feel male child feel important and loved on his birthday. I thank God for His love and faithfulness over your life these past years. I thank Him for another special day like this, I am forever grateful He brought you into our lives.

You are a bundle of joy and happiness. I thank Him for bringing you thus far in life and all the favours He has granted you. On this special day of your birth, the Lord will shower His blesses on you. He will keep you safe from all forms of evil and cause you to make the right choices at all times. God will engrave your name in the hearts of men because of the wonderful works He will use you to accomplish in His vineyard.

Happy birthday, son. I give God praise for the gift of a son like you. I thank Him for His faithfulness and mercy over your life all these years. His countenance shall shine on you. You will find favour in the eyes of men.Posted by Richard Beaty. May 31, at pm. Over the years, we have celebrated your birthday in many ways but my fondest memory is the year we gave you your first four-wheeler.

Happy birthday son.

Letter to my son on his 8th birthday

Dear Tyler, Today is a big day, you turn Happy birthday, my beloved son. Awesome collection of birthday blessings for your son on his birthday. Dear Son, Happy 18th birthday, son! I know you thought this day would never come. I wonder how memory will color me in your eyes. A mother's letter to her son on his birthday. I celebrate with you as you add another glorious year. Richard Beaty writes an open letter to his son on turning 18 years old.

With my original birthday messages for sons, you can find just the right one-of-a-kind verse for your child on his special day. My best friend called me back home. February Today is your special day. I hope your day is as fun for you as watching you grow was for me, have a great birthday my son. Beautiful letter. Dearest Son, You are fourteen today. Happy Birthday, Son! You are my son and always will be. Happy Birthday, My Love, My life and everything above.

The expression on your face when you saw it sitting in the driveway was priceless. Oct 18, Letter to My Son. August 29, by Grace Bluerock 2 Comments. I told you yesterday that I am keeping you forever…and your response to me was "I have to go to college someday!

A Letter to My Son on His Birthday: Eight is Great!

Dear Son, Today you become a man. Happy birthday. Graduation Message To Son : Completing the graduation with good grade and with an outstanding result is a great matter of pride for the son and his parents.Happy 18th birthday, son! I know you thought this day would never come.

While it seemed like an eternity, it went by in a flash. I remember your birth as if it were happening this morning around 11 a. I remember turning 18 too. It was only a couple of months before I started college. You have your entire senior year of high school ahead of you this year. Similar to your 18th birthday, your senior year is also unique. You may find yourself getting antsy in anticipation of leaving for college, but relax and enjoy the moment.

Soak up every second. Create a treasure chest full of good ones. Turning 18 and graduating High School is exciting. It brings great benefits. It also demands more responsibility. You are also responsible for your own actions. When that urge comes — and it will — stay focused and keep your eye on the big picture.

I want you to have phenomenal experiences at every stage of your life. I also want you to be proud of the majority of those decisions and live to tell your grandchildren about them. Stuff happened that was out of your control, and you handled everything in a calm, graceful manner.

In your own way, you loved everyone along the journey. You never hesitated to forgive. That is a special gift. Never forget you have it. If I have ever done anything that I need to ask your forgiveness for, then I humbly ask that now. Good always outweighs bad. Some of our most special moments were you playing sports. You always loved to play, and you liked to win. More than winning, I think you loved to compete. You wanted to be on the field, and you enjoy the comradery of a team.

You loved being around your teammates, doing things as a team. You enjoyed the accolades when you scored or made a great play. You loved giving them as well. As you go forward in life, never forget that people like hearing their names and being complimented. If you do both, you will have many friends. Keep your eye on the ball. Watch it all the way in the pocket of your glove. Squeeze it. Protect it. Throw it with accuracy.I cannot for the life of me understand how on earth you can possibly be 8 years old.

I am so incredibly proud of you and the person you are becoming. However with each birthday I get a little bit sadder. And I just want to slow those years down. You are such an athletic girl. In fact it changes every term, depending on what the school has to offer last term Tai Kwon do, this term Street Dance. Although you do spend hours climbing and doing gymnastics at home. It is amazing to see how fearlessly you climb any tree or banister!

You suffer from self-doubt. This really breaks my heart, when I read the stories you write, when I see the books you devour, when I hear you flip from French to English and back again, I want you to understand that you are not rubbish at everything.

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Far from it. I wish you would realise that it is not every 7 or 8 year old that can do what you do. You are very over-confident. On the other hand, you sometimes come across like an X-Factor contestant with your cockiness.

You really enjoy ballet dancing at home, so when I asked you if you wanted to take classes again do you remember you took them for 2 terms when you were 4? Such modesty. You have such a big heart. You never like to see someone sad.

Whenever you see a homeless person fairly often, we do live in London after all you always ask for money to give them, and want to talk about how awful it must be for them. When we talk about the Haitian girl we sponsor through Action Aid find out more about sponsoring a child here you are always so upset about how hard life is for her, and are desperate to share your toys with her. You recently signed up to be a play leader at school, where you go into the KS1 playground once a week, to make sure that all the children have someone to play with, as you always want to make sure that everyone is happy.

Last but not least, you spend so much of your free-time playing with the children I childmind, despite there being a fairly big age gap, and despite having to share your home and your toys with them. Thank you for all of that. You are the most amazing big sister. You always asked for a younger sister never a brotherbut we had no idea how it would actually turn out once you were presented with an actual baby sister, just before you turned 6.

You were incredible. You wanted to help from the get-go. You wanted C to sleep in your bedroom from day one which she did. We waited with baited breath for you to get bored. To get fed up of the baby who did nothing. But you never did.

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Then we waited for you to get jealous when she started crawling and touching your things. And C rewards you for it by hugging you, kissing you, asking for you and loving you back just as much. You are so much fun to be with. Whilst you are beginning to get stroppier as pre-teens set in age 8?!?Today is your birthday. You are growing up.

letter to my son on his 8th birthday

I remember every single moment. Every high and low. Every regression and every victory. I feel like I can remember every sleepless night. I think about the hours I spent rocking you in the recliner and pacing around the living room. I can tell you about every one of your milestones. I remember the exact date you first jumped. I know it by heart because we worked on it every day for three months. You were standing in front of the television watching Thomas and those little feet left the ground.

You were almost four years old. You would have thought you spoke a second language by the way I reacted. I remember the day you ate your first raspberry.

Drank from a cup.

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Used the toilet. Slept through the night. I remember it all Cooper because we worked countless hours on every victory.

letter to my son on his 8th birthday

I can recite all of your behaviors from memory too. Your dad and I mark periods of time by them kiddo. We still laugh about the days we sat in the dark. You and I have walked, crawled and scooted every inch of this journey together.

Three different cities. Countless hours of therapy.He was born on Sept 11th eight years ago. His birthday is also the birth of me as a mother. The sentimentality emerges within me at this time every year. I think back to the many days and nights when it was exclusively us — just me and him.

When he transformed me from a woman to a mother the day he was born. When I realized I could possibly love someone more than myself. And when I knew being with him at every step of his growth is the happiest thing that has ever happened to me.

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Hopefully, when he grows up and read this letter, he knows what I want to tell him on all his birthdays. So, here I am now, penning this birthday letter to my dear son.

Perhaps it may also strike a chord with mothers everywhere — the endless unconditional love we have for our children, and the unequivocal pride we have as we watch them grow.

letter to my son on his 8th birthday

Eight years ago, you came into my world, and you changed me completely. It took me a while to accept the fact that I was a mother, and is going to be one forever. Because of that, you and your needs are always at the top of my priorities. Whatever I do, wherever I am, and no matter what decision I made, I think of you. I want you to know how much I love to watch you.

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I love watching you run, climb, swim, and jump. I love watching you throw, catch, and smile. Your smile lights your face, and makes your beautiful spirit all the more engaging. You work hard and play hard. These are all the traits I wish for you as you grow up. My goal has always been to raise a happy, kind, generous, hard-working, and responsible boy.

Thanks for making my job as your mother so easy. You eat adult-sized meal, and you enjoy a wholesome of food from mussels, crabs, squid, prawns, and even sashimi. You were less adventurous with food when you were younger. Papa and I love to see you enjoying a wide variety of food. There is no substitute for family. Papa and I always stressed that our first priority is to take great care of you.

We want you to be happy and healthy. He always protects his family and put his family at number one — which is something I want you to learn from him as you grow up. Work hard, Play hard.But for his birthday, why not replace the text or funny little birthday card with a nice love letter? For a birthday as important as his 18th, or any other, regardless of the number of candles on his cake. His birthday is a beautiful occasion to write him a real letter.

Happy Birthday Wishes for my Son

To assure him of your presence and to give him an emotional souvenir. Today is a very special day for you — your birthday! What cake will you want, will there be a theme, what presents, who will be there in the family? It has made me happy year after year to see your eyes twinkle and your smile widen as the big day was approaching.

It goes beyond gifts, beyond blowing out the candles on your cake, I am happy to make it a special moment for you, for us. I am proud to feel that you too enjoy celebrating it with your loving family around you. But tradition lived on and the mom I am will keep making the cake of your choice for your birthday.

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It has become our thing. You coming in to lick the batter chocolate more often than not and to help finalize it, though I always managed to keep the final surprise a mistery until the end. Us together setting the table prettily. All of them little things, and all of them terribly precious.

Letter to my son on his birthday : A beautiful letter

It reminds me of the day you were born, and of all these beautiful memories we made for each one of your birthdays. It is on that day that I realize even more just how lucky I am to have you as my son. A little boy who grows up true and strong, who has brains and heart and who knows, despite the passing of the years, how to keep his childhood soul intact. If with this letter I first and foremost wanted to wish you a happy birthday, I also wanted to take advantage of it to say thank you, and I love you.

Thank you for all these moments of complicity and happpiness together. I am happy to be able to help you grow. To be there to comfort, encourage and reassure you.

And I will never stop taking care of you. Never, not ever, will I cease loving you.


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